Employers around the country are rethinking their need for large offices with a move to a hybrid or remote workforces. Some companies have sold large office complexes or are not renewing leases, while others are reconfiguring office space to be a place where employees gather when they need to collaborate. Most executives seem to be holding off on making permanent changes to locations or setting hard dates for employees to return to the office, which leaves some workers in limbo as they try to determine their own living arrangements.

Tech firms are weighing the advantages and disadvantages to continuing with remote work. GeekWire has a summary of approaches and surveys that tech companies are using to make that determination. A survey by Microsoft found that employees’ productivity at home depended on their tenure at the company and on the suitability of their home environment for remote work.

Harvard Business School interviewed faculty members for their advice to employers as they rethink the future of work. Many, including Rosabeth Moss Kantor, urged employers to apply empathy and to consider the needs of employees when making plans.

For those planning to continue working from home, staff at CNN compiled a list of their favorite products that have made working from home more pleasant. These recommendations range from better office chairs and an ergonomic mouse to simple pleasures such as pop-up Post-It notes and colorful gel pens.

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